Hip-Hop Dance Characteristics

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Which of the following is NOT one of the fundamental characteristics of hip-hop dance?

In which category of hip-hop dance does 'krumping' belong?

What type of hip-hop dance encourages the body to make a 'locking' effect during quick movements?

Which type of hip-hop dance involves a quick contraction and relaxing of muscles causing a vibrating or bouncing effect?

Where can hip-hop dance be practiced according to the text?

Which type of hip-hop dance has no structure and is mostly about improvisations of movement?

What kind of music is locking usually performed to?

Which type of hip-hop dance displays an illusion that the performer has no bones?

'MCing' is associated with which fundamental characteristic of hip-hop dance?

'Street jazz' falls under which main category of hip-hop dance styles?


Explore the nature and characteristics of hip-hop dance with this quiz. Learn about its freestyle nature, fundamental characteristics including rapping, disc jockeying, breakdancing, and graffiti art, as well as elements such as body posture, agility, and coordination.

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