Health Promotion Program Planning & Evaluation Quiz

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What is the WHO definition of health?

Which concept of health recognizes the influence of social, economic, political, and environmental factors on health?

What is wellness according to the health continuum?

What percentage of health is influenced by behavioral choices?

Which level of prevention focuses on actions and measures that inhibit the emergence of risk factors?

What does primary prevention involve?

Which is the main goal of health promotion?

What does health education primarily focus on?

How does health education contribute to health promotion?

Which statement best describes the relationship between health education and health promotion?

What is the primary focus of health education?

What does the Ottawa Health Promotion Charter define as the process of health promotion?

What are the dimensions of health that have major implications for program planning?

What does the term 'health continuum' refer to?

What does primary prevention primarily involve?

Which level of prevention focuses on early detection and treatment of disease?

What percentage of an individual's health is influenced by behavioral choices according to the text?

According to Green LW (1979), what does health promotion involve?


Test your knowledge on health promotion program planning and evaluation with this quiz. Topics include health education, health promotion, concepts of health, health continuum, dimensions of health, and levels of prevention.

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