Guess the Next Golden Foot Award Winner

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9 Questions

What is the Golden Foot award?

Who selects the ten nominees for the Golden Foot award?

How is the winner of the Golden Foot award selected?

What is the age requirement for a player to be eligible for the Golden Foot award?

Can a player win the Golden Foot award more than once?

What is the Champions Promenade?

What is the charity auction that accompanies the Golden Foot event?

When was the Women's Golden Foot award assigned?

What is the Golden Foot Prestige Award?


"Who Will Win The Golden Foot Award? Take This Quiz to Find Out!" - Test your knowledge of international football and predict which player will be the next recipient of the prestigious Golden Foot award. Learn about the criteria for the award and the past winners while choosing from the top 10 nominees selected by international journalists. This quiz is perfect for all football fans who want to stay on top of the latest developments in the sport and make their predictions come true.

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