Growth and Development During Infancy and Childhood Quiz

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What characteristics of mental development are displayed by the infant during the sensorimotor stage?

Curiosity, ability to differentiate people and things, and seeking approval from parents

According to Jean Piaget, at what stage does the infant demonstrate sensorimotor activity?

Sensorimotor stage

What does the phrase 'out of sight, out of mind' characterize in relation to the infant's view?

The infant's perception that objects that have disappeared from view have ceased to exist

What are some examples of the infant's sensorimotor activities during this stage?

Sucking, handling, and moving objects

At what age does an infant start to go to the toilet when they feel the need?


What is the average weight of a male infant?

7.2 pounds

At what height does an infant's weight reach 19.7 pounds?

28.25 inches

What is the average weight of a female baby at the height of 28.25 inches?

19.3 pounds

What are some changes noticeable in respect of cutting teeth?

At first there are no teeth, then the baby

What are some other changes mentioned in the text related to digestion, respiration, and toilet habits?

Changes occur in nerves and glands, and in reproductive organs.

Test your knowledge of the growth and development stages during infancy and childhood. This quiz covers topics such as average weight and length of infants, milestones achieved in the first two years, and physical changes during this period.

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