Grape Variety Quiz



9 Questions

What is the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants?

Why are grape varieties referred to as cultivars instead of botanical varieties?

What is the difference between single species grapes and multispecies hybrid grapes?

Which grape species is commonly used for wine?

What are the three types of Vitis vinifera grapes listed in the text?

What are labrusca grapes?

What is the definition of a hybrid grape?

What is the difference between vinifera hybrids and non-vinifera hybrids?

What is the purpose of using non-vinifera hybrids as rootstock?


Think you know your grapes? Test your knowledge with this quiz on grape varieties! From popular wine grapes to table grapes and dried fruits, this quiz covers them all. See if you can match the grape to its corresponding description and learn some fun facts along the way. Get ready to become a grape expert!

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