Grammar-Translation Method in Language Teaching

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What was the original name of the Grammar-Translation Method?

Classical Method

Which languages were primarily taught using the Classical Method?

Latin and Greek

What was the purpose of teaching foreign language literature with the Grammar-Translation Method?

To develop reading and appreciation

Why did teachers hope that studying the grammar of a foreign language would benefit students' native language skills?

To improve students' understanding of grammar rules

What was one of the benefits expected from foreign language learning according to the text?

Enhanced intellectual growth

Why did the Direct Method become popular as an alternative to the Grammar-Translation Method?

It prepared students for communicative use of the language

True or False: The Direct Method emphasizes translation between languages.


True or False: The Grammar-Translation Method focuses on communication skills in the target language.


Fill in the blank: The Direct Method prohibits __________.


What distinguishes the Direct Method from the Grammar-Translation Method?

Emphasis on communicative language use

Explore the history and purpose of the Grammar-Translation Method in language teaching. Learn about its origins, evolution, and goals in educating students about classical languages and literature.

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