Grammar Translation Method: Advantages & Disadvantages

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What is the primary focus of the Grammar-Translation Method?

Grammar and Translation

Why is the Translation Method useful in a class with a large number of students?

It allows for individualized teaching according to each student's level

What is another name for the Grammar-Translation Method?

The Classical Method

What does the text suggest about finishing the syllabus using the Translation Method?

It doesn’t consume time in finishing the syllabus

What is a key advantage of the Translation Method according to the text?

Helps in understanding words and sentences easily

What is a disadvantage of the Grammar-Translation Method?

The students become mentally lazy

What purpose does the Translation Method serve in making things easy for learners?

To provide precise mental images of things for learners

What is a disadvantage of the Audiolingual Method?

It requires competent teachers to be successful

What is an advantage of the Direct Method?

It creates a suitable environment for learning English

What does the Direct Method focus on improving?

Oral practice and pronunciation

Why might students from a rural background find difficulty with the Direct Method?

It requires competent teachers to be successful

What does the Grammar-Translation Method fail to help students learn?

Correct pronunciation of English Language

What is a limitation of the Audiolingual Method?

It requires a foreign language friendly home environment

What skill does the Grammar-Translation Method mainly emphasize?


What type of relation helps learners to have good fluency in the Direct Method?

Relation between thought and expression

What is a characteristic of speech units in the Direct Method?

Complete sentences without any hesitation

Study Notes

Grammar-Translation Method

  • Primary focus: translating sentences from native language to target language
  • Useful in large classes as it allows teachers to manage students efficiently
  • Also known as the Translation Method
  • May lead to incomplete coverage of the syllabus due to the focus on translation
  • Key advantage: develops learners' reading and writing skills
  • Disadvantage: fails to develop learners' speaking skills
  • Purpose: makes learning easier by allowing learners to use their native language as a reference
  • Mainly emphasizes: reading and writing skills

Audiolingual Method

  • Disadvantage: overemphasizes listening and speaking, leading to inadequate reading and writing skills
  • Limitation: does not provide opportunities for learners to use language creatively

Direct Method

  • Focus: improving learners' speaking skills
  • May be challenging for rural students who are not familiar with the target language
  • Advantage: allows learners to develop fluency and think in the target language
  • Requires: a strong relationship between the teacher and learners to facilitate good fluency
  • Characteristic of speech units: natural, spontaneous, and meaningful communication

Explore the Grammar Translation Method, also known as the Classical Method of teaching English, and learn about its advantages and disadvantages in teaching the English language. This short para provides insights into this widely used teaching approach.

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