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What term describes the process where nations and corporations impose themselves on geographic areas to gain profits and power?


In the context of the text, what does RITZER suggest that globalization can be considered as, apart from being a flow of something?

A flow of nothing

What role do hacktivists play in relation to activism, as per the text?

Extending activism to the internet through hacking

In the context of religion, what has accelerated globalization enabled co-religionists across the planet to do, as mentioned in the text?

Have greater direct contact with each other

What did the survey conducted by the FINANCIAL TIMES in 2007 reveal about the majority of Europeans' perception of globalization?

Brings negative effects to their societies

According to Jacoby and Meunier, what does 'Managed Globalization' refer to?

All attempts to make globalization more palatable to citizens

What is the main difference between regionalization and regionalism?

Regionalization focuses on societal integration, while regionalism focuses on intergovernmental collaboration.

According to Huntington, which of the following are considered major civilizations in his 'Clash of Civilizations' theory?

Western, Latin American, African, Islamic, Sinic, Hindu, Orthodox, Buddhist, Japanese

Which of the following characterizes the 3 notable changes considered as the origin of globalization?

Emergence of the United States as a global power post-World War II, emergence of multinational corporations (MNCs), demise of the Soviet Union and end of the Cold War

What major historical period is defined by a decline in mortality and fertility rates from high to low levels in a specific country or region?

Demographic Transition

What event led to the opening of major parts of the world for the first time according to the text?

Fall of the Soviet Union

Which perspective on the origin of globalization focuses on more specific events characterizing its history?

'Events' perspective

Test your knowledge on globalization and hacktivism with this quiz covering concepts such as global dominance, activism in cyberspace, and the perspectives of sociologist Ritzer. Explore the impact of globalization on societies and the role of hacktivists in advocating for various causes.

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