Globalization and Globaloney Arguments Quiz

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What does Anthony Giddens describe as the intensification of worldwide social relations?

Linking distant localities

According to Arjun Appadurai, what is globalization primarily a product of?

Infinitely varied mutual contest of sameness and difference

What does Charles Oman describe as accelerated growth across political boundaries?

Global cultural process

According to Paul Bairoch, what creates an international division of labor?

Interlinking financial structures

What did Robert Cox mention as part of the processes accelerating globalization?

New migratory movements

How does the summary describe the discussion on globalization?

Highlighted definitions through different processes

In the context of the given text, what characterizes the continuous changing process of society?

Global cultural process

What is a key aspect of globalization according to the text?

Facilitation of worldwide social relations and economic interdependence

How did society change as discussed in the text?

By embracing diversity and mutual contest

Test your knowledge on the concepts of globalization and globaloney, as well as the three categories of arguments: rejectionist, sceptics, and modifiers. This quiz is based on content from CSU – College of Humanities and Social Science about the relationship between globalization and the global war on terror.

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