Global Warming and Climate Change Chapter 4: The Nature of the Atmosphere

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Why is the ozone layer primarily found in the stratosphere?

The stratosphere has the right conditions for ozone formation and stability.

What role do greenhouse gases play in warming the lower atmosphere?

Greenhouse gases trap heat radiated from the Earth's surface, leading to warming.

How do global air circulation patterns and ocean currents impact climate?

They help distribute heat and precipitation evenly throughout the globe.

What is the primary reason for most ultraviolet radiation from the sun being absorbed by ozone in the stratosphere?

Ozone has a specific structure that enables it to absorb UV radiation effectively.

What are common natural sources of air pollution?

Pollutants from wildfires and volcanoes

Which type of pollution is produced by burning coal according to the text?

Industrial smog

What is one harmful effect of acid deposition mentioned in the text?

Affecting aquatic ecosystems

How can outdoor air pollution be decreased according to the text?

Rain and snow

What makes children particularly vulnerable to lead pollution?

Lead-contaminated dust

Which factor contributes to the formation of photochemical smog?

Sunlight and vehicles

Explore the composition of the atmosphere and its layers. Learn about the functions of the troposphere, stratosphere, and the importance of the ozone layer. Understand how the atmosphere contributes to natural capital and influences global warming and climate change.

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