Geology for Civil Engineers CIEN 20032 Course Overview

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What is the main focus of the course Geology for Engineers?

What is a key objective of the course Geology for Engineers?

Which area does the course Geology for Engineers NOT cover?

What is the role of geology in the design and construction process of underground openings in rock?

How does the course Geology for Engineers relate engineering and earth science?

What is the primary focus of geology?

What was the major event during the Cambrian Period?

Which group made their first appearance during the Ordovician Period?

What ventured onto land for the first time during the Silurian Period?

What is the geological history of Earth based on?


This quiz provides an overview of the fundamentals of geology as applied to civil engineering problems. It covers topics such as rock and mineral types, soil properties, rock mechanics, geologic structure, tectonics, earthquake hazards, slope stability, and landslides.

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