Geography: The Great Plains of India

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Which of the following rivers flows from North East to South East in the Ganga Plains?


What was the impact of building a dam on the Ganga river in South Bihar?

Shifted the course of the river

Which region is also known as the Assam Valley or Assam Plain?

Brahmaputra Plain

What boundaries define the Brahmaputra River System?

Eastern and Western boundaries

Which area is NOT part of the Brahmaputra Plain?

Western Dongar

Study Notes

  • The Great Plains of India are divided into four units, with the Ganga Plains being the largest unit.
  • The Ganga Plains include important rivers like Chambal, Betwa, Ken, and Son, flowing from North East to South East.
  • Rivers in the region change their course frequently, leading to different fruits being grown due to the changing water paths.
  • A dam was built on the Ganga river in South Bihar, leading to changes in the area and affecting the local residents.
  • The Brahmaputra Plain is located in Arunachal Pradesh and is also known as the Assam Valley or Assam Plain.
  • The Brahmaputra River System includes the Eastern boundary at Purvanchal Range and the Western boundary at Western Dongar.
  • The Indo-Bangladesh border and Lower Ganga Plain are part of the Brahmaputra Plain.
  • The text also mentions studying international organizations like WHO, Indian national movements, and the ongoing Indian Trophy series for further knowledge and understanding.

Explore the geographical features and significance of the Ganga Plains and Brahmaputra Plain in India, including their rivers, boundaries, and impact on local residents. Learn about the changes in fruit cultivation due to the shifting water paths and the construction of dams. Discover additional topics like international organizations, Indian national movements, and the Indian Trophy series.

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