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What type of ships observe meteorological conditions at the surface, in the upper atmosphere, and oceanographic conditions?

What is a typical track for a Tropical Revolving Storm (TRS) according to WMO nomenclature?

What wind force is associated with a severe tropical storm according to the WMO nomenclature?

What are Polar fronts boundaries between?

Which type of ships are part of the AMVER program?

What is the weather pattern sequence when a frontal depression approaches from the west?

Which region experiences the North East monsoon?

Where do cyclones predominantly originate?

What is a large body of air with uniform temperature and relative humidity in a given horizontal plane called?

Which of the following is a characteristic of an Anticyclone?

What defines a Trough of low pressure?


Test your knowledge about geography and weather patterns with this quiz. Questions cover topics such as monsoons, air masses, and frontal depressions.

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