General Classification of National and Local Dances

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Which category of dances involves actions related to a particular occupation or industry?

Occupational Dances

Where did the dance 'Rigodon' originate from?


What does the dance 'Tinikling' mean in English?

Bamboo Dance

Which dance represents a war dance between the Moros and Christians over coconut meat?


Which category of dances is influenced by religion, vows, and ceremonies?

Religious/Ceremonial Dances

What type of dance depicts humorous movements designed for entertainment?


Which dance is performed during wedding feasts?


In which dance does a solo performer mimic the movements and characteristics of a monkey?


Which type of dance is suitable for special occasions or social gatherings?

Jota Suntido

'Hele-Hele' is a flirting dance carrying out courting figures but 'no touch' due to its origin from which system?

Spanish system

Test your knowledge on the geographical origin of dances with this quiz. Learn about national dances like Rigodon, Carinosa, Jota, and local dances specific to particular localities.

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