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What does the word 'ART' originate from?

What does Fine Arts or Aesthetic Arts focus on?

What is one of the basic assumptions of art?

Which art form appeals to the sense of sight?

What are Utilitarian Arts intended for?

What does Art involve according to the text?

What is the main difference between Functional Art and Indirectly Functional Art?

What is the primary function of Personal Function in art?

In which type of art do live performers present accounts or imaginary events before a live audience?

What are examples of Indirectly Functional Art?

Which art form combines literary art and performing art through poems performed in front of an audience?

What do artists in Applied Arts field primarily aim to bring into everyday life?

What art form uses the human body as its main medium?

Which art form involves creating an illusion of movement through images or frames?

What is the primary medium used by artists in literary arts?

Which element, according to the text, should buildings embody to merit the title 'architecture'?

What does dance primarily synchronize movements with?

Which art form focuses on recording movement through cameras and incorporating scripts and acting?

According to Immanuel Kant, what is the cornerstone of art?

What does Kant expect every human being to recognize in a work of art?

According to Leo Tolstoy, what role does art play in communication?

How does Kant suggest judging art according to its inherent beauty?

What is Tolstoy emphasizing by stating that art serves as a mechanism of cohesion for everyone?

What does the word 'Humanities' mean based on its Latin origin?

Which of the following best describes what humanities studies?

How is art connected to humanities according to the text?

What is the main emphasis of humanities in shaping human values and subjective energies?

What is one key aspect that humanities investigates?

What is one important aspect that humanities aims to understand based on the text?


Test your knowledge on art forms discussed in the GE 6 module 'Art Appreciation'. Questions may cover topics such as 'The Kiss' by Gustave Klimt, film, and performing arts.

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