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Gaming Applications Overview

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What is one benefit of educational gaming applications?

Allowing users to apply knowledge and support learning

How have gaming applications evolved over time?

From disc installation on game consoles to cloud-based online multiplayer games

What role do levels of difficulty play in educational games?

Engage learners of all abilities

What is multimedia integration in games?

Integrating text, graphics, video, animation, and sound

What does instant feedback in games typically provide?

Scores and information on performance

What is the purpose of using a simulation in gaming?

To represent real-life objects using computer models

What is the primary purpose of using simulations in the car manufacturing industry?

To test cars during the design stage

In the field of medicine, how is Virtual Reality (VR) being utilized?

To help patients face fears in a controlled environment

What is a common application of Virtual Reality (VR) in education?

Exploring historical sites through virtual tours

How do smartphones contribute to workplace communication?

By allowing employees to create electronic bulletins

What is a disadvantage of online banking mentioned in the text?

Increased risk of falling victim to fraud

How do employers benefit from online training, as discussed in the text?

By monitoring employee progress through tracking systems

What is a disadvantage associated with online training based on the text?

Lack of human contact and isolation

In what industry does E-Commerce primarily operate?

Buying and selling products over the internet

What is a key advantage associated with E-Commerce, as per the text?

Savings on paper and postage costs

Which statement accurately describes the use of smartphones for app downloads, based on the text?

Popular app categories include gaming, music, movies, and instant messaging.

Study Notes

Gaming Applications

  • Electronic games played on devices including games consoles, mobile phones, and computers.
  • Evolution from installation of discs on game consoles to use of cloud and online multiplayer games.
  • Games designed with rules and increasing levels of difficulty to engage learners of all abilities.
  • Games used in training situations in the workplace and for educational purposes.
  • Educational gaming applications allow users to apply knowledge and support learning within a virtual world.


  • Uses a computer model to represent a real-life object.
  • Models created from large data volumes and mathematical equations to produce 3D graphics.
  • Examples of simulation: car manufacturers testing cars during design stage, architects creating models of new buildings.
  • Flight simulators used at pilot schools to teach pilots how to land a plane during a storm.

Virtual Reality (VR)

  • Used in medicine to treat post-traumatic stress or phobias, and for training surgeons.
  • Used in education to experience experiments, dissections, or virtual field trips.
  • Can also be used for visiting museums or battle sites.

Smartphones and Apps

  • Come with preloaded applications and ability to download further apps from app stores.
  • Popular app categories include games, music, movies, and instant messaging.
  • App support and regular updates provided by app developers.
  • Instant messaging used in the workplace and schools to communicate with parents.

Online Banking

  • Allows customers to access bank account, view transactions, and perform various activities.
  • Advantages: transactions can be done at home, work, or abroad, available 24/7, and money can be moved immediately.
  • Disadvantages: greater chance of falling victim to fraud, and bank must stay ahead of cyber criminals.

Online Training

  • Advantages: learners can train in their own time, no travel costs, employers can monitor progress, and multimedia and virtual reality can make content attractive.
  • Disadvantages: limited opportunities for questions, isolation, poor internet connection, and employees work at different paces.


  • Buying and selling of products and services over the internet.
  • Advantages: same as online banking, plus no geographical limitations.
  • Disadvantages: same as online banking, plus security concerns.

Learn about gaming applications, from traditional game consoles to cloud-based online multiplayer games. Explore how games are designed, their rules, difficulty levels, and educational applications in training and learning environments.

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