Games and Free Time in Classical Greece

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What were some popular games enjoyed by the citizens of classical Greece?

Jacks, dice, and draughts

Who usually performed manual or home work in classical Greece?

Metics and slaves

What was a common feature of Greek banquets known as the symposium?

Food and drink were brought by the guests

What did the head of the symposium in ancient Greece have the authority to dictate?

The rules of the meeting

What were libations in the context of Greek symposiums?

Acts of pouring liquid to honor gods

What was the purpose of popular celebrations related to religious ceremonies in classical Greece?

To honor gods and mark significant life events

What was offered to the goddess Athena during the Panateneas festival?

A woolen peplo woven by women

Which god were the theatrical performances at festivals dedicated to?


Where were the Isthmian Games held to honor god Poseidon?

The Isthmus of Corinth

Which games were celebrated every two years in Nemea, where Hercules did one of his labors?

Nemean Games

What was the sacred truce associated with the Olympic games meant to do?

Dictate peace among all poleis during the games

In what Greek city were the Pythic Games held every four years to honor god Apollo?


Explore the concept of private leisure in classical Greece, where fun activities were valued by the elite citizens. Learn about the popular games and ball games enjoyed during that time, along with the celebrations related to religious ceremonies and private life.

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