Galton and Cattell: Pioneers in Psychometrics

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What was the purpose of the rudimentary testing in China during 2200 B.C.?

To determine the fitness of officials for office.

When were written exams introduced in China?

Han dynasty.

Who developed the first battery of tests in modern psychological testing?

Francis Galton.

What is physiognomy based on?

Notion that we can judge the inner character of people from their outward appearance, especially the face.

What is phrenology attributed to?

Franz Joseph Gall.

Who developed a memory drum for brain-injured patients in 1885?

Dr. Hubert Von Grashey.

Who was the first person to devise and apply rating scales for psychological variables?

Christian Thomasius

What term did James McKeen Cattell invent?

'Mental test'

Which psychologist introduced a scale of intelligence in 1905?


Who demonstrated that objective tests could be devised and meaningful scores obtained through standardized procedures?


Which century Greco-Roman physician is credited with a crude form of rating scale?


What did Wissler do to experimental psychology's approach in 1905?

Turned away from the brass instruments approach

What did Binet argue could better measure intelligence?

Higher psychological processes

What was the purpose of the first formal scale developed by Binet and Simon?


What was the major innovation of the 1908 scale developed by Binet and Simon?

Introduction of the concept of mental level

What influenced the character of intelligence testing throughout the twentieth century?

Deriving a mental level

What type of intelligence was the scale developed by Binet and Simon appropriate for assessing?

Entire gamut of intelligence

Explore the contributions of Sir Francis Galton and James McKeen Cattell in the field of psychometrics. Learn about their innovations in collecting data, developing objective tests, and using standardized procedures.

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