Fundamentals of Surveying: Traverse Surveys Chapter 6 Quiz

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What are the two methods used in calculating the area of closed traverses?


What rules are used in adjusting traverse data?

Compass and transit rules

What are the geographic Cartesian coordinates of a point?

Easting and northing

How many different methods can be used for performing the method of traversing?


When is a traverse said to be balanced?

When corrections to latitudes and departures are equal

What are traverse surveys directed for?

Property surveys, underground surveys, and surveys for long narrow strips of land

What are the two main types of traverse commonly employed in the field of surveying?

Open and closed traverse

What type of surveying are open traverse surveys suitable for?

Surveying of roads, railroads, coast lines, etc.

In closed traverse surveys, what type of areas are often surveyed using this method?

Boundaries of ponds, sports grounds, forests, etc.

How many different methods can be used for traversing?

Four (4) different methods

How are latitude and departure defined in traverse surveys?

Latitude is measured parallel to the reference meridian (north-south branch) and departure is perpendicular to the reference meridian.

What are easting and northing in the context of traverse surveys?

Easting is the distance measured eastward (x-coordinate) and northing is the distance measured northward (y-coordinate).

When is a traverse said to be balanced?

When corrections to latitudes and departures are applied.

What must be the algebraic sum of latitudes and departures for a traverse to be considered closed?

Equal to zero

What are the perpendicular distances of a point from the two reference axes in traverse surveys?

Easting and northing

What principles should be applied to close a traverse?

The algebraic sum of latitudes and departures must be equal to zero.

Test your understanding of traverse surveys with this quiz covering topics such as using compass and transit rules, determining the area of a closed traverse, and calculating the length and bearing of missing sides. This quiz is designed for students studying unit 6 of fundamentals of surveying.

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