Fundamentals of Operations Management

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What is the central figure in the operations system responsible for the production of goods or provision of services?

Operations Manager

Which term refers to the design, operation, and control of the transformation process that converts resources into goods and services for customers?

Operations Management

What plays a strategic role in an organization's competitive success?

Operations Management

Which of the following is NOT one of the types of operations/transformation processes mentioned in the text?


What is a key managerial job mentioned in the text that can help an organization achieve its long-term goals?

Translating goals into performance objectives for operations

Which function encompasses both services and manufacturing according to the text?

Operations Management

What is the formula for labor productivity as mentioned in the text?

Units of output per labor hour

Which factor is particularly challenging to measure and manage in the service sector according to the text?


What is a key aspect of productivity that is used for financial analysis as per the text?

Dollar value of output per dollar input

Which measure is used for capital productivity according to the text?

Units of output per dollar input

What type of activities pose challenges for the measurement and management of service productivity?

Intellectual activities

Which of the following is NOT an area of competitiveness as mentioned in the text?


What is the role of the Internet in strengthening competitive advantages, according to the text?

Facilitating innovation that can be easily replicated

What is the purpose of a mission statement for an organization?

Defining what business the organization is in

Which of the following is NOT a competitive priority in operations strategy as outlined in the text?


What is a key difference between tactics and strategies as per the text?

Strategies provide detail and scope of the mission, while tactics are the methods and actions to accomplish strategies

Learn about the design, operation, and control of the transformation process in turning resources into goods and services. Explore the significance of operations management in enhancing productivity and contributing to an organization's competitive success.

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