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How does management differ from non-managerial employees?

Managers have more responsibilities

What is the definition of management according to the text?

The process of achieving organizational goals through the effective use of resources

What are the four functions of management?

Planning, organizing, leading, controlling

What are Mintzberg's managerial roles according to the text?

Interpersonal, informational, decisional

Why are customer service and innovation important to a manager's job according to the text?

They help improve effectiveness

What are the three essential managerial skills according to Katz?

Technical, human, and conceptual skills.

Explain why efficiency and effectiveness are important to management.

Efficiency ensures that resources are used optimally, while effectiveness ensures that goals are achieved.

Describe the changes that are impacting managers' jobs.

Technological advancements, globalization, and changing workforce demographics are impacting managers' jobs.

Explain why customer service and innovation are important to the manager's job.

Customer service is important for maintaining customer satisfaction, loyalty, and organizational reputation. Innovation is important for staying competitive and adapting to changing market demands.

Discuss how to classify managers in organizations.

Managers can be classified based on their level in the organizational hierarchy (top, middle, or first-line) or based on their functional area of responsibility (marketing, finance, operations, etc.).

Test your knowledge on the fundamentals of management with this quiz. Learn about the roles and classifications of managers, as well as the importance of efficiency and effectiveness in management.

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