Fundamentals of Cytogenetics GPB 101: Cell Structure and Function

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What is the term used to describe the study of the structural and functional organization of different structures within a cell?


Who established the 'Cell theory' stating that all organisms are made up of cells?

M.J. Schleiden and T.S. Schewann

What is the term for the study of various aspects of chromosomes and their effects on the development of characters of organisms?


Who first used the term 'Cell' to describe the small compartments observed in sections of Cork?

Robert Hook

Who constructed the first compound microscope and observed the sections of Cork, suggesting that they contain honeycomb-like compartments?

Robert Hook

Who discovered the presence of a spherical body in the center of every cell?


What is the minimal biological unit capable of maintaining and propagating itself?


What important constituent did Purkinje and Mohi independently discover in every cell?


Who discovered the golgi apparatus?


Who discovered endoplasmic reticulum?


Who discovered chromosomes in the salivary glands of chironomus?


Who studied cell division in detail and gave the name 'Mitosis'?


Who gave the name 'mitochondria' to organelles originally discovered by Hemming?


When were lysosomes discovered?


What is the outermost envelope called in a generalized plant cell?

Cell wall

What encloses the nucleus and other cytoplasmic inclusions suspended in cytoplasm?

Plasma lemma

Test your knowledge of the structural and functional organization of cells in this quiz covering the basics of cytogenetics. Explore the definition of a cell and its role as the fundamental unit of living organisms.

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