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What is the purpose of a Full Adder in digital circuits?

To add three inputs and produce two outputs

Which logical expression represents the output SUM of a Full Adder?


What does the C-OUT output of a Full Adder represent?

It is the majority 1's detector

How many operands does a 1-bit full adder add?

Three operands

What is the primary reason for using a Full Adder instead of a 1-bit half-adder?

To handle a carry-in bit during addition

Which equation correctly represents the output C-OUT of a Full Adder?


What is the primary purpose of a Full Adder in digital logic?

Add two bits together and handle carry operations

How many NOR gates are required to implement a Full Adder using NOR gates?


What is a disadvantage of a Full Adder in digital logic according to the text?

Higher complexity and more parts needed

In what applications are Full Adders commonly used in digital logic?

Data encryption and decryption

What is the advantage of a Full Adder over a Half Adder in digital logic?

'Carry input' for adding multi-bit numbers

How are multiple Full Adders connected to add multi-bit binary numbers?

In chains to add multiple bits separately

Test your knowledge on full adder logic, which adds three inputs to produce two outputs: SUM and C-OUT. Learn about the functionality of a full adder and its role in creating byte-wide adders by cascading carry bits.

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