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What type of scenes, ornamentation, and decorations were commonly found in French Rococo interiors?

What was a common flooring practice in French Rococo interiors?

Who is credited as setting the style in French Rococo interiors with delicate and fluid linear movement?

What were some characteristics of Rococo design influences?

Which architect planned the Hôtel d’Amelot in Paris with an oval forecourt and curved façade during the Rococo period?

What was a key characteristic of Rococo design that emphasized whimsical interpretations of classical designs?

What was a significant part of the overall decorative scheme in the transition from the wall to the ceiling?

In what manner were the Rococo ornamental motifs rendered?

What technique was typical for creating a central rosette in Rococo design?

What type of designs were typical in Rococo plaster work?

Which wood was described as the most important for seat furniture during the Rococo period?

What flooring material was commonly used during the Rococo period?

Which design feature was used for the coved transition to the ceiling in Rococo interiors?

What type of wood was primarily used for the parquet configurations during the Rococo period?

Which of the following was NOT a common element in Rococo interior architecture?

What architectural style did Rococo design features anticipate?

'Parquet de Versailles' flooring was composed of squares made from which wood?


Test your knowledge on the elegant French Rococo interiors characterized by pastel painted panels, mythological scenes, chinoiseries, parquet flooring, and patterned carpets. Learn about the decorative elements and design trends of this period.

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