French Literature: Late for School

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What did M. Hamel mention that he would question the students on?

What tempted the narrator to run away instead of going to school?

Where did the town's bad news come from for the last two years?

Who called after the narrator as he hurried by to school?

Where did the narrator finally reach, all out of breath?

What was the reason for the unusual stillness in the school that day?

What did the village people do during M. Hamel's last French lesson?

Why was the protagonist filled with regret during M. Hamel's last French lesson?

What outfit did M. Hamel wear on the day of his last French lesson?

How did M. Hamel deliver the news about the change in language of instruction?


Test your knowledge of the story about being late for school and facing a test on participles in a French literature class.

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