Formula Bharat 2025 Rules Booklet

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What is the minimum distance required between two tubes in the side view of the frame?

100 mm

How many degrees of inclination to the rear is allowed for the front hoop without additional rearwards extending braces?


What is the minimum thickness required for each lug in a double-lug joint?

4.5 mm

What type of joints are prohibited in mechanically attached roll hoop bracing?

Spherical rod ends

What is the minimum grade required for the pin or bolt in a double-lug joint?

Metric grade 8.8

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Formula Bharat 2025 Rules Booklet

EV and CV Vehicles

  • The competition is split into two categories: Internal Combustion Engine Vehicle (CV) and Electric Vehicle (EV)
  • All vehicles must meet the requirements defined in chapters T and either EV or CV, depending on their drivetrain type

Competition Procedure

  • The competition starts with technical inspections to check the vehicle for safety and compliance with the rules
  • The competition is divided into static and dynamic events described in chapters S and D
  • Maximum points are awarded as described in Table 3
  • The team with the most overall points will win the competition for its category

Vehicle Eligibility

  • Vehicles entered into the competition must be conceived, designed, and maintained by the student team members without direct involvement from external professional engineers, racers, machinists, or related professionals
  • Teams that do not comply will be automatically de-registered from further participation in IN and D events

Accumulator Inspection

  • [EV ONLY] Teams must present their accumulator for inspection no later than before the end of the second day of accumulator inspection
  • Teams that do not comply will be automatically de-registered from further participation in Accumulator Inspection (IN3) and subsequently in certain IN events and all D events

Vehicle Removal

  • Teams may remove their vehicle from the competition site during the competition if no technical inspection stickers have been received
  • Once a team has received a competition technical inspection sticker, they are not allowed to leave the competition site
  • Teams that remove their vehicle from the competition during the competition can only do so during the site's operational hours, as per the competition schedule

Frame and Bracing Structure

  • A minimum of two tubes without any bends must be straight on a line in the side view of the frame and must have a minimum distance of 100 mm between each other at the front hoop
  • The front hoop bracing structure must be attached no lower than 50 mm below the top-most surface of the front hoop
  • If the front hoop is inclined more than 10° to the rear, additional braces extending rearwards are required
  • Composite front hoop bracing structures and their attachments cannot be counted towards the front bulkhead support structures and vice-versa for the structural equivalency documentation

Test your knowledge of the Formula Bharat 2025 rules and regulations. This quiz covers the latest changes and updates to the rules book, including version 1.2 and 1.1. Review the rules and get ready to take on the challenge!

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