COPY: Formation of Bonds with Carbon

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What is the significance of molecule shape in relation to its function?

It is central to the molecule's function

How many electrons are generally required to fill the valence shell of an atom?

Equal to the atom's valence

What makes carbon covalently compatible with many different elements?

Its electron configuration

What type of bonds join the carbon atom to oxygen atoms in carbon dioxide (CO2)?

Double covalent bonds

Why is carbon dioxide considered important in the living world despite being classified as inorganic?

Because it sustains plant life

How many valence electrons does a carbon atom have?


What type of bonds does carbon usually form in organic molecules?

Single and double covalent bonds

In which shape do the bond angles of methane (CH4) arrange?

109.5° in a tetrahedron shape

How many directions can a molecule branch off from a carbon atom?

Four directions

How does the arrangement of hybrid orbitals affect bond angles in molecules with carbon single bonds?

Causes the bonds to angle toward the corners of an imaginary tetrahedron

Explore how carbon atoms form bonds by sharing electrons in order to complete their valence shell. Learn about the formation of single and double covalent bonds in organic molecules.

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