Formation and Destruction of Oceanic Crust

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What process forms trenches in the oceanic crust?

Where is the Mariana Trench located?

What is the role of underwater robots called submersibles in oceanic crust exploration?

How is oceanic crust formed?

What is the average thickness of the oceanic crust?

Which type of rocks are found in the oceanic crust?

What is the primary composition of the rocks in the oceanic crust known as Sima?

Where are Shields typically found within the continental crust?

What is the age range of the oceanic crust mentioned in the text?

Where is the oceanic crust mainly formed according to the text?

What are the main types of rocks that make up the oceanic crust in the text?

Which process is responsible for the formation of the Earth's brittle and thin crust according to the text?


Explore the process of how the oceanic crust is formed at mid-ocean ridges, sinks into the mantle, and rises again as magma at the ridges. Understand the cycle of creation and destruction of oceanic crust.

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