Flat Tire Challenge

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20 Questions

What did Tony show to Serena on his phone?

What does the term 'mako sica' mean?

What kind of fossils have paleontologists found in the Badlands?

What did Serena and Tony see passing by on the other side of the road?

What did Tony compare their trip to?

What did Serena initially doubt sharing pictures of?

What did Tony find fascinating about the trip?

What did the term 'Badlands' refer to?

What caused the RV to shake and rattle?

What was Serena's initial reaction to the situation?

What did Tony compare their trip to in terms of historical exploration?

What did Serena find unexpectedly fascinating?

Where did Serena wish to go on a vacation?

What did Serena think South Dakota's main claim to fame was?

What did Serena's friend Ally share pictures of?

What did Serena envision for her vacation?

What did Serena say about her friend Drew's vacation?

What was Serena's reaction to her friend's vacation?

What did Serena think about the trip?

What did Serena think about the state of South Dakota?


Test your knowledge of handling a flat tire situation with this quiz. Learn about the steps to take, the tools needed, and how to change a flat tire safely and efficiently.

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