Fixation in Histopathology Lab

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What is the primary goal of fixation in the histopathology laboratory?

Preserve the morphologic and chemical integrity of the cell

What is the critical reason for performing fixation immediately after removing tissue from the body?

To prevent autolysis

Why are improperly fixed tissues problematic in histopathology?

They cause issues in subsequent processing steps

What is one of the effects of using fixatives during the fixation process?

Bacterial Decomposition

How do fixatives help in preserving tissues during fixation?

By stopping cellular activities and preventing autolysis

Which of the following is NOT a goal of fixation in histopathology?

Speed up cellular activities

What is the process of autolysis?

Enzymatic self-digestion of cells

What is the optimal pH for fixation?


What is the usual osmolality range for fixation?

400-500 mOsm

At what rate does the fixative penetrate the tissue?


What is the working temperature for fixation in Electron Microscopy (EM) & Histochemistry?

0-4 degree Celsius

How long does buffered formalin usually take to completely fix tissues?

2-6 hours

Learn about the importance of fixation in preserving cells and tissues for histopathology analysis. Understand when to perform fixation and why it is considered a critical step in the laboratory process.

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