Five Areas of Personal Development and Holism

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What does holism refer to in nature?

Forming wholes that are greater than the sum of the parts

What is physiological development focused on?

Development of senses and physical characteristics

How does the American Psychological Association define cognition?

Processes of knowing, including remembering, attending, and reasoning

What are the elements that make up an attitude, as described in the text?

Cognitive, affective, behavioral

What is social and emotional development characterized by?

Inherent capability and need to form relationships with others

Which step is not mentioned in taking care of the body according to the text?

Ignoring physical activity and diet

What are the four basic emotions stated in the text?

Happy, sad, fearful, surprised

How are feelings different from emotions according to the text?

Feelings are mental reactions and associations to emotions.

What is spiritual development characterized by according to the text?

Discovering and experiencing an inner guide

What are values according to the text?

Judgments people make about issues, people, or things

What does psychological development focus on according to the text?

Growth and development of cognitive, emotional, and social skills

What influences the subjectivity of feelings according to the text?

Personal beliefs and memories

Explore the concept of holism and the Five Areas of Personal Development, focusing on Physiological Development. Learn about the significance of physical characteristics, senses, body changes, and organ systems in personal growth. Discover steps for taking care of the body.

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