Physical and mental health of self and family

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How old were you when you first started fantasizing about the opposite gender?

At what age did you start developing feelings for the opposite gender? like a crush on someone.

How old were you, when you first saw the opposite sex genital virtually ( movie, magazine, picture, etc)?

At what age, you did your First Kiss?

Was your first kiss with someone you liked ( crush ) or a random person?

How old were you when you entered your First Relationship?

Did you approach them, or were you approached by them?

At what age did you start making out? (only foreplay, kissing and etc. No penetration involved)

Was it with your partner or an stranger?

How long were you in a relationship with your partner before you started making out with them?

How old were you, when you first saw the opposite Sex genital in real life?

Was the experience of seeing the opposite sex genital in real life intentional or accidental?

How did you feel when you first saw the opposite sex genital in real life?

did you lose it to your first partner, stranger or an accident ? explain.

How old were you when you lost your Virginity?

Did you use protection?

How do you describe your first relationship in a few sentences? (healthy,productive, toxic, etc)

are you still with the same person or did you break up in case of the latter provide a reason,why?

in case of break up, who ended the relationship?

if the Situation was ideal would you go back to the same person over again?

From This point on ward you will be asked generalized question Are You Ready?

do you find it comfortable to receive/give oral sex?

At what age did you try oral sex?

have you swallowed your partners body liquids?

Do you use protection? (condom, baby pills, etc,) please specify

have you ever conduct sexual activities with multiple people at the same time?(threesome, group sex, etc)

Have you even had sex while drunk?

Have you ever had sex while on Drugs?

Do you feel comfortable to have sex when you / your partner is on their period?

do you set boundaries with your partner before intercourse?

Do you feel comfortable talking about them with your partner?

what is the most turn off / on for you in a partner?

do you pay attentions to the red flags and the green flags before getting into a relationship?

whats your biggest green flag / red flag in a partner?

how open are you about your past with your partner?

would you feel comfortable if your partner shares their past with you?

how would you react if you see your partner is crying?

what do you look for the most in a relationship?

how long is a short / long term relationship in your eyes?

would you consider being with one person for lifetime?

how do you think the dynamic of the relationship should be?

who do you think should pay on the first date?

have you ever been on a dating app?

what do you consider to be cheating in a relationship?

how comfortable would you feel if your date, ask about your body count on first date?

Do you find it appropriate for people to ask about their partners body count?

how many body count do you consider to be too much in a partner?

would you date a person with high body count because of the potential experience they might have to be a good partner for you?

would you date a person with zero / low body count regardless of their lack of experience?

have you encountered in a sexual activity with someone who would potentially carry sexual diseases?

did they inform you of their condition beforehand?

did you participate in the sexual activity with them willingly ?

do you carry any sexual diseases on yourself?

specify the sexual diseases and the reason you got them (genetics, unprotected sex, etc)

in case you were potentially carrying sexual diseases, would you inform your partner about the details of your condition?

have you attempted medical procedure in regard of your condition?

are you married / ever been?, if yes for how long?

how many child do you have?

what are their ages?

specify their gender

would you feel comfortable discussing sexual matters with your children?

what is your most important advise for your children before they get into their first relationship?

how would you feel if your children come out as queries ( gay, bisexual, transsexual, etc)

what is the main foundation of a good family in your opinion?

do you visit your family / relative often?

how often do you participate in family activities?


you will be faced with several different questions from various topics which evolve around Physical and mental health of you and your family. The purpose of this experiment is to establish a correlation between an individual and their surroundings with a focus on psychical and mental health. your Data will neither be collected, nor shared.

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