Fire Department Staffing Policy: Minimum Staffing Levels Quiz

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What is the purpose of Telestaff?

To maintain daily staffing and fill vacancies

When should personnel request sick leave according to the policy?

No later than 0700 on their duty day

What determines the order in which vacancies are filled?

Rank for Rank, Actor acting up, Actor acting down

What is the definition of 'immediate call backs' as per the policy?

Giving less than one hour notice to report for duty

What is the main purpose of Time Trade according to the policy?

A mutual agreement between similarly qualified employees to exchange duty days

Test your knowledge about the guidelines for minimum staffing levels on emergency vehicles and consistent staffing procedures as per Policy 206.1. Also, understand the definitions related to specific terms like 'Absent without leave' and 'Blocked days' mentioned in the policy.

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