Finding Missing Dimensions in Geometry Practice

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What is the correct volume of the cylinder shown?

$1,130.97$ cubic inches

What is the correct radius of the sphere with a volume of $4,500π$ cubic inches?


What is the correct length of the slant height of the cone with a volume of $240π$ cubic meters and a height of 5 meters?

$15$ meters

Which cylinder is taller between Cylinder A with a radius of 13 inches and Cylinder B with a radius of 10 inches?

Cylinder A

Why is a unit sphere not a good unit of volume measurement for all spheres?

The volume of a sphere is more influenced by its diameter than its radius

In which scenario would the radius be the most difficult to find?

Scenario 3: Volume of a cone is known and radius is given

What is the relationship between the volume of a cylinder and its radius?

Directly proportional

If a sphere has a volume of 4,500π cubic yards, what would be the approximate diameter of the sphere?

$20$ yards

How does changing the diameter of a mug while keeping its height constant affect the volume it can hold?


What is the general relationship between the radius and height in cylinders?

There is no fixed relationship

If a cone has a volume of 735π cubic millimeters and a height of 5 millimeters, what would be a plausible radius for this cone?

$35$ millimeters

Practice finding missing dimensions in geometric shapes like cylinders and cones. Calculate the height or radius based on the given volume and one of the dimensions. Examples involve both cylinders and cones of different measurements.

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