Cylinder Volume Calculation with Approximation

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What formula should be used to find the volume of a cylinder?

V = πr²h

If the height of the cylinder is doubled, what happens to the volume?

It becomes twice the original volume

What effect does doubling the radius of a cylinder have on its volume?

The volume becomes 4 times the original volume

If the value of π was mistakenly taken as 22/7 instead of 3.14, how would this affect the calculated volume?

The calculated volume would be overestimated

If the height and radius of a cylinder are both doubled, how does this affect the volume?

The volume becomes 4 times the original volume

Calculate the volume of a cylinder using the given formula and approximation method. Round your answer to the nearest tenth. Given: Radius = 9 in, Volume = 9 in³, T = 3.14.

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