FEU High School Earth and Life Science AY 23-24 Lesson 13: Interaction and Interdependence

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What is the main characteristic of life in an ecosystem according to the text?

Competition for limited resources

Which of the following are resources organisms compete for in communities?

Sunlight and mineral nutrients

What do organic materials, sunlight, and mineral nutrients provide to organisms in an ecosystem?

Energy for living processes and matter for physical structures

The theory of natural selection is characterized by:

Competition for limited resources

Which of the following best describes the concept of biotic potential?

Capacity of organisms to increase in number under optimal environmental conditions

What do the different terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems do in relation to one another?

Interlink with one another

What is an ecosystem?

A community of living organisms and their interactions with the nonliving environment

Which condition must be met for an ecosystem to support itself and remain stable?

Constant supply of energy, presence of producers, and recycling of materials

What is the biosphere composed of?

All ecosystems together

What is primary productivity in an ecosystem?

The result of energy captured by producers

How is the flow of energy in an ecosystem described?

One-way flow that is not recycled

What does an ecosystem consist of?

The living and nonliving components interacting together

What are populations at the biological level?

Include all the members of a species in a given area

What do ecosystems involve important interactions between?

Living organisms and the environment

What determines which organisms can exist within a particular area?

The latitude, amount of rainfall, topography, and available species

What is required for ecosystems to persist?

Continual capture of the sun's energy by autotrophs

Test your understanding of ecology, energy flow, cycles (water, carbon, nutrient), biotic potential, environmental resistance, and their relation to environmental issues like water conservation, global warming, climate change, and nutrient/organic pollution.

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