Female Reproductive System Anatomy and Physiology

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What is the main function of the female reproductive system?

Production of female gametes and environment for fertilization

What do the mesonephric ducts (Wolffian) and paramesonephric ducts (Mullerian) consist of initially in embryonic development?

Homologous reproductive structures in male and female embryos

What happens during menarche?

First occurrence of menstrual cycles

What is the function of mammary glands in relation to the female reproductive system?

Vital accessory organ directly connected to the reproductive system

What is the function of the ovarian follicles?

Produce and release ova

What is the correlation between the ovarian and uterine cycles?

Events in one cycle affect the events in the other cycle

Where are the ovaries located in the female reproductive system?

On opposite ends of the pelvic wall, on either side of the uterus

What is the role of fimbriae in the female reproductive system?

Move and draw the ovum into the infundibulum

What is the main function of the suspensory ligaments in relation to the ovaries?

Suspend and support the ovaries

What is contained within the cortex of the ovaries?

Stroma that houses ovarian follicles

This lecture covers the basic anatomical features and functions of the external female genitalia, internal reproductive organs, ovarian and uterine cycles, embryo implantation, placenta, mammary glands, and lactation physiology.

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