Federalist No. 78: The Judiciary Department

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What is the central idea of Federalist No. 68?

What does Alexander Hamilton emphasize as the importance of the people's input in choosing the President?

What is one of the advantages that Alexander Hamilton believes is effectively combined in the method of appointing the President?

What does Alexander Hamilton address as a concern during the election process of the President?

How does Alexander Hamilton guard against potential corruption, intrigue, and foreign influence in the election of the President?

What does Alexander Hamilton assert about making the President's re-election depend on a special body of representatives?

What is emphasized as a safeguard against potential abuses in government?

What is highlighted as an effective protector of civil rights in the United States?

'Federalist No. 68' focuses on which aspect of governance in the United States?

According to Federalist No. 78, why does the judiciary need a degree of independence?

What does James Madison propose as a solution to control the negative effects of factions?

What is James Madison's definition of a republic in Federalist No. 10?

According to Federalist No. 39, what does James Madison compare the proposed Constitution to?

What is the main focus of Federalist No. 51?

Why does Hamilton argue for the permanency of judicial offices?

What does Madison identify as one of the main methods to address issues caused by factions in Federalist No. 10?

According to Hamilton in Federalist No. 78, what is essential to guard against legislative encroachments?

What is Madison's view on making every citizen share the same opinions, passions, and interests?

According to Federalist No. 78, who authored the paper discussing the judiciary department of the proposed government under the Constitution?

What does Hamilton emphasize will be confined to the discussion in Federalist No. 78?

In the proposed plan, how long are judges appointed by the United States to hold their offices?

What does Hamilton argue that aligns with the most approved state constitutions regarding the tenure of judges?

According to Hamilton, which branch among the three departments of government is considered the least dangerous?

What does Hamilton consider valuable for maintaining an impartial judiciary?

In which Federalist Paper does Alexander Hamilton discuss the judiciary department of the proposed government under the Constitution?

What does Hamilton state has been established in previous Federalist Papers regarding the federal judicature?


Test your knowledge of Alexander Hamilton's discussion of the judiciary department under the proposed government in Federalist No. 78. Explore key points such as judicial appointment, tenure, and the role of the judiciary in safeguarding the Constitution and individual rights.

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