Federal Rule of Evidence on Computer-generated Records Quiz

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What conditions need to be present for exigent circumstances to apply?

Immediate threat to human life or evidence destruction

Which scenario describes entrapment?

Persuading someone to commit a crime they had no intention of committing

How does enticement differ from entrapment?

Enticement occurs when a person has already decided to break the law

In terms of privacy, what rights do citizens have regarding their Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

Citizens have the right that their PII is kept securely

What characterizes US privacy regulation according to the text?

Patchwork of laws with varying protection levels

Which law sets strict privacy and security rules on handling Protected Health Information (PHI) in the US?

HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

What type of evidence is log files considered?

Secondary evidence

According to the Best Evidence Rule, what do courts prefer?

Relevant evidence

How is the integrity of evidence ensured using hashes?

Checking hash on both original and copy before and after forensics

What is the purpose of Chain of Custody in handling evidence?

To establish the integrity of the data and prevent tampering

What does the Fourth Amendment protect citizens from?

Unreasonable search and seizure

What does Rule 803 allow for the admissibility of?

Records made at or near the time by a person with knowledge in a business activity

What type of evidence includes tangible and physical objects like hard disks and USB drives in IT Security?

Real Evidence

Which type of evidence is testimony from a first-hand witness regarding what they experienced with their senses?

Direct Evidence

What type of evidence provides support for circumstances or other points of evidence?

Circumstantial Evidence

Which type of evidence supports facts or elements of a case but is not considered a fact on its own?

Corroborative Evidence

In legal terms, what is generally inadmissible in a case due to being not based on first-hand knowledge?


If a system under your control is compromised and you prove you have taken necessary precautions, what concept are you likely protected by?

Due Care

Test your knowledge on the admissibility of computer-generated records in court and the Federal Rule of Evidence. This quiz covers the requirements for the admissibility of records made in the course of a regularly conducted business activity.

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