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What does Ina consider the best part of the day?

Dinner time

What is Ina's dream career choice?


Who is the youngest sibling in Ina's family?


Where does Ina's Dad work?

A University in Manila

What does Ina's Dad do during the day while her mother is at work?

He checks what Ina and Pio are doing online

Which family member works as a human resource manager?

Ina's Mom

What values, when practiced in every family, can lead to a tolerant society?

Kindness, generosity, honesty

What is the major unit where children learn fundamental relational skills?


What is the purpose of the conjugal act within marriage?

To express mutual love and respect of husband and wife

According to the Catholic Church teachings mentioned, what is considered unacceptable?

Extramarital sexual intercourse

What functions does the family perform as the foundation of society?

Regulation of sexuality, responsible procreation, socialization

What type of sexual pleasure does the Catholic Church emphasize as acceptable?

Within the genuine love between married man and woman

How can parents show love to their children according to the text?

By spending quality time with them, educating them, and nurturing them in Christian values

What qualities of love are spouses encouraged to show each other based on the text?

Kindness, patience, cherishing, and nourishing

What is the significance of silent prayer and action for the family according to the text?

Expressing gratitude for the gift of family and embracing each member's uniqueness

How should families view imperfections and challenges according to the text?

As opportunities to grow and support each other

What is emphasized about the nature of a perfect family in the text?

No family is perfect; all families have flaws and imperfections

What should be the central aspect in families according to the text?

God should be at the heart of families

What activity does Ina's family engage in before going to bed?

Reciting the rosary and praying

What does the text mention about the family being a basic social institution?

It promotes the dignity of women

What are the positive aspects of the situation of families in the world today according to Familiaris Consortio?

Awareness of interfamily relationships

Which aspect characterizes families nowadays based on the text?

Promoting the dignity of women

What is one of the negative aspects of the situation of families according to Familiaris Consortio?

Refusal of man to God's love

What is a responsibility that the text mentions is proper to the family?

Building a more just society

What is emphasized regarding married couples in relation to family planning?

The need for open communication and joint decision-making

According to CCC 2207, what role does the family play in society?

It is the primary place to cultivate moral values and begin honoring God.

What is considered a crucial responsibility of parents according to JP II, PCP II?

Educating children on social concerns and encouraging charity works

In what way should the man, as a father, contribute to the family according to the text?

Being a living model of patience and kindness

What moral obligation does Pope Francis mention in relation to helping those in need?

Participation in political life

According to James 2:15-16, what is highlighted about giving and receiving?

'No one is so poor that he has nothing to give, and no one is so rich that he has nothing to receive.'

Test your knowledge on the impact of family values on society, socialization, and relational skills development. Explore the connection between a healthy family environment and a thriving society.

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