Pillars of Hip-Hop Quiz (Slides 13-18)

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Which element of Hip-Hop culture involved expressing art on walls, especially the New York City subway?


What are the four different movements that breakdancing was separated into during the early block parties?

Top Rock, Down Rock, Power Moves, Freezes

What are some examples of common dance moves nowadays that are descendants of breakdancing?

Twerking, Dabbing, Jerking

What term is widely considered a synonym for the genre of 'Rap' music but actually refers to a wide and complex sub-culture of people and ideas?


What was the term used for the MC speaking over records in the Jamaican Dancehall scene?


Which musical style is associated with the first use of the term 'disc jockey' in Hip-Hop?


What did DJ Kool Herc focus on within a record to develop the blueprint for Hip-Hop music?

The 'break' section

What term is used to refer to the technique of extending a relatively short section of music into an endless loop using two record players?


What is the origin of rapping?

Jamaican Dancehall scene

What is the term for speaking over records in the Jamaican Dancehall scene?


What technique did DJ Kool Herc use to extend a short section of music into an endless loop?

Changing between two record players

What is the term associated with rapping, beatmaking, and turntablism?


Test your knowledge of the fundamentals of hip-hop culture with this quiz. Explore the key elements that shaped the early hip-hop movement, including "Breaking" or "B-Boying/B-Girling," and gain insights into the diverse and complex sub-culture of hip-hop.

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