Understanding Hip-Hop Culture

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What does the term 'Hip' represent in Hip-Hop dance?


Which dance style is known as the Pinoy term for Hip-hop dance?


Who is credited with originating hip hop music?

DJ Kool Herc (Clive Campbell)

What are the four basic movements of Breakdancing?

Top rock, Footwork, Freezes, Power moves

What is the term for the stylish poses done on your hands in breakdancing?


What does EDM stand for in the context of Hip-Hop dance?

Electronic Dance Music

Which dance style is characterized by free, expressive, exaggerated, and highly energetic movement?


In which dance style does the dancer rely on fast and distinct arm and hand movements combined with more relaxed hips and legs?


Which dance style was created in the LGBT clubs of Los Angeles?


What is the main focus of Tutting dance style?

Arm and hand movements

What does cheerleading involve in addition to shouting cheers and yells?

Gymnastics skills

When was the first cheerleading company called National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) formed?


Which organization is recognized by the Sport Accord as the world governing body of cheerleading and the authority on all matters with relation to it?

International Cheer Union (ICU)

Which country is the International Federation of Cheerleading (IFC) based in?


When did the International All-Star Federation (IASF) change its name to World All-Star Federation (WASF)?


When did the UAAP (University Athletic Association of the Philippines) Cheerleading and Dance Competition start?


This quiz explores the elements of hip-hop culture, including deejaying, emceeing, graffiti, and breaking. Test your knowledge of the history and key components of this influential urban art movement.

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