Exploring Concepts of Health

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What concept of health views the body as a machine, to be fixed when broken?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) constitution, how is health defined?

Which model of health refers to health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being?

According to Duncan (2007), how can the meaning of health be determined?

Which model of health emphasizes prevention and views health as a state of complete well-being?

Define the medical model of health.

What is the Holistic model of health?

According to Hughner & Kleine (2004) and Earle (2007), why is health a difficult concept to define?

What does the World Health Organization (WHO) constitution define health as?

How does the Wellness model define health?

In the context of the Alma Ata declaration of 1978, what was the main focus of health care systems' reorientation?

According to the Alma Ata declaration, what is the aim of promoting primary health care?

What is the main concern addressed in the Alma Ata declaration regarding health inequalities?

What was the overarching goal of the 'Health for all by the year 2000' initiative from the Alma Ata declaration?

What was the fundamental principle emphasized in the Alma Ata declaration regarding the health situation of peoples?


This quiz delves into the various interpretations of health and encourages individuals to define what being healthy means to them. It discusses the cultural and personal aspects of health and emphasizes the importance of exploring individual perceptions of health.

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