Exploring Asian Art History

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What ancient art form remains in the Philippines today?

Textile weaving

What was a commonly used material for decorative ornaments in Chinese art during the Chou Dynasty?


Which religion became an integral part of Japanese culture, alongside Shintoism?


What material were the receptacles made from in pre-colonial Philippine art?

Fibers and tree barks

How were the Angono Petroglyphs created in the Philippines?

Engraving lines using a piece of stone

Confucianism was the dominant religion during the Chou Dynasty in China


Buddhism did not have an influence on Japanese culture


Japanese art during the Funchun Mountain period leaned towards realistic and detailed representation


The Angono Petroglyphs were created by painting human figures on the wall


Pottery was only used for burial purposes in pre-colonial Philippine art


Test your knowledge of Asian art history with this quiz. Explore Chinese art during the Chou Dynasty and its influence on Confucianism, monumental paintings, and porcelain. Discover Japanese art, the influence of Shintoism and Buddhism, and the significance of "Dwelling in the Funchun Mountain."

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