Exercise-Induced Immunosuppression Countermeasures Quiz

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Which of the following is NOT recommended as a counter-measure to decrease exercise-induced immunosuppression?

What type of beverages are suggested to be helpful in boosting the humoral immune system?

Which nutrient is hypothesized to be protective against UV-induced damage of the keratinocytes?

Which of the following is NOT recommended for athletes to combat exercise-induced immunosuppression?

Why do athletes who continuously train in hypoxic environments have a higher incidence of infection?

How does hypoxia exacerbate mental stress in athletes at high altitudes?

What effect does prolonged exercise at high altitude have on weight loss and protein catabolism?

What consequences can be caused by UV-induced immunosuppression?

Why is it recommended that athletes use physical barriers or avoid the sun to prevent UV-induced immunosuppression?

What is the minimal erythemal dose (MED) used to measure UV radiation effects on the skin?

How does UV radiation affect the humoral immune system?


Test your knowledge on recommended counter-measures to decrease exercise-induced immunosuppression, including nutrition, sleep, avoiding overtraining, mental stress, and more. Explore the impact of carbohydrate beverages on immunity.

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