Evolutionary Equilibrium Quiz

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According to the Darwinian theory of evolution, which strategies or modes of behavior tend to survive over time?

In the context of evolutionary biology, what does 'survival of the fittest' imply?

What aspect of strategy selection is not applicable when talking about the actions or behavior patterns of lower animals?

Which concept makes it easier to frame the discussion about the sustainability of outcomes in terms of biology and evolutionary biology?

What does the Darwinian theory suggest about outcomes that persist over time?

In the context of game theory, what is the correct terminology for the outcomes that are more compelling than others?

In the Prisoner's Dilemma game, what happens if both suspects confess?

What type of game involves players deciding upon their actions at the same time (simultaneously)?

What is the term used to describe the strategies available to each player and the payoff received by each player for each combination of strategies in a game?

What does a Nash equilibrium in game theory signify?


Test your understanding of evolutionary equilibrium in game theory and the sustainability of outcomes over time. Explore how strategies evolve in response to exogenous shocks and the concept of 'survival of the fittest' in game theory.

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