Evolution of Microprocessor Generation Quiz

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In which year was the first practical integrated circuit (IC) developed?


Who developed the first microprocessor?

Ted Hoff

Which company developed and used the INTEL 8080 microprocessor in the first PC (ALTAIR)?


Which organization is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs)?


What does Computer Architecture focus on?

Computer system structure and behavior

In which generation of microprocessors were vacuum tubes replaced by transistors?

Generation 2

Which generation of microprocessors utilized mechanical components such as gears, shafts, and levers?

Generation 0

Who invented the first integrated circuit (IC) in 1958?

Jack Kilby

Which generation of microprocessors required a large amount of power and generated tremendous heat due to the use of vacuum tubes?

Generation 1

Which generation of microprocessors used very small wires to connect transistors in the first integrated circuit (IC)?

Generation 3

Test your knowledge on the evolution of microprocessor generations, from mechanical systems using gears and levers to the use of vacuum tubes in early computing. Explore the transition from user-driven machines to vacuum tube technology, and its impact on size, power consumption, and heat generation.

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