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What is comparative anatomy?

The study of the similarities in structure among different species

What does the presence of a tail in vertebrate embryos during early development suggest?

The common ancestry of all vertebrates

What is a homologous structure?

Structures with similar origins but different functions

What does biogeography provide information about?

The geographical distribution of organisms and their evolution

What is an analogous structure?

Similar structures with different functions and origins

Where do marsupials occur in greatest diversity?


What provides evidence of long-term evolutionary changes?

Fossil Fuels

What body parts are considered vestigial structures?

The muscle fibers that produce goose bumps

What is compared in Molecular Biology to determine species' evolutionary histories?

Amino acid sequences of proteins

What is an example of a species' evolutionary history analysis in Molecular Biology?

Comparison of human and gorilla chromosome counts

Which theory suggests that marsupials traveled to present-day South America but became isolated as continents drifted apart?

Continental Drift Theory

What does the fusion of chimpanzee chromosomes result in?

Inactivated centromere in human chromosome 2

What type of teeth did the modern horse (Equus) have for grazing?

Appropriate for grazing

Which part is an example of a useless body part as per Vestigial Structures?

The muscle fibers that produce goose bumps

'The same basic process of gene expression (transcription and translation)' is associated with which area of study?

Molecular Biology

What is common to all living organisms at the most basic level?

The same genetic material (DNA)

Test your knowledge of evidences of evolution with a focus on comparative anatomy and homologous structures. Explore how species evolve and how similarities in structure can suggest shared ancestors.

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