European Court of Human Rights: Admissibility Criteria

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According to Article 35 of the European Court of Human Rights, when can the Court deal with a matter?

Under Article 35, what would lead to the Court declaring an individual application inadmissible?

In Malone v United Kingdom, what right did the Court find had been breached?

According to Article 35, when can the Court reject an application?

In what circumstances can a High Contracting Party derogate from its obligations under the Convention?

What was the result of the ruling in Malone v United Kingdom?

Which of the following is NOT subject to derogation under Article 15?

What did the House of Lords conclude in the case of A v Secretary of State for the Home Department (2004)?

What does the concept of 'margin of appreciation' refer to in the context of human rights?

What is a recognized act of free speech in one country but may offend religious sensibilities in another?


Test your knowledge of the European Court of Human Rights and its admissibility criteria as per Article 35. This quiz covers the exhaustion of domestic remedies, time limitations, and requirements for application submission.

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