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Which musical instrument is a one-string bowed lute commonly found throughout Ethiopia and Eritrea?

What is the name of the six-string lyre traditionally tuned to a pentatonic scale?

Which traditional string instrument has a large ten-string lyre and is found in the highlands of Ethiopia?

What material is the string of the masenqo usually made from?

Which type of tuning is the krar traditionally set to?

What instrument was traditionally used in Ethiopia as a way for musicians to convey oral history?

Which instrument is considered an upper-class instrument and is commonly used during prayers and meditations?

Which Ethiopian instrument has no finger holes and produces only two tones, the fundamental and a fourth or fifth interval?

What type of instrument is the toom, which is used among the Nuer, Anuak, Majangir, Surma, and other Nilotic groups?

What is the function of the nagarit instrument played with a curved stick?


Test your knowledge of Ethiopian traditional music instruments including the masenqo, krar, and begena. Learn about the unique chordophones used in the highlands of Ethiopia and their significance in traditional music.

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